dacadoo wins Bronze at the Best of Swiss Web Awards 2014

dacadoo wins Bronze at the Best of Swiss Web Awards 2014

Zurich, Switzerland – The innovative dacadoo health and wellbeing platform (www.dacadoo.com) wins Bronze in the category “Innovation” at the Best of Swiss Web Awards 2014 which were celebrated at the congress center of Zurich.

The dacadoo Health Score web platform enable people to track, document and benchmark their health and wellbeing in real-time in an easy and fun way. dacadoo gives users a personal Health Score from 1 (low) to 1000 (high), which moves up or down depending on how the body, emotional wellbeing, and activities (exercise, nutrition, stress and sleep) change. The Health Score is based on “big data” with several tens of millions of person-years of clinical data and incorporates many of the well-known cardio cerebrovascular risk studies and quality of life assessment tools. dacadoo systematically applies techniques from the gaming industry, group dynamics from social networks and provides relevant lifestyle feedback to users to engage and motivate them to use the Health Score Platform regularly and thereby adopt a healthier lifestyle.

At this year’s Best of Swiss Web Awards 2014 award night that took place at the congress center of Zurich, dacadoo wins Bronze in the category “Innovation”. Peter Ohnemus, founder and CEO of dacadoo, stated proudly: “We are very happy about this important prize, which is a great recognition for the team and for the dacadoo Health Score. Last week, dacadoo was also nominated as finalist at the prestigious Red Herring Top 100 Europe Awards, which shows that we’re clearly on the right track”.

About dacadoo ag

The dacadoo Health Score Platform is a mobile online health and lifestyle navigation platform that provides users with a simple, safe and fun way to measure their personal health and fitness in real time. The platform calculates your personal dacadoo Health Score which is a number between 1 (bad) - 1,000 (perfect). The dacadoo Health Score is an indicator of your current health and wellbeing. The integration of Social, Local and Mobile (SoLoMo) combined with the principles from the gaming industry, motivate users in a simple way to track, document and benchmark their personal health, fitness and active lifestyle in real time. The dacadoo Health Score was developed by dacadoo in collaboration with a professor and former scientists from MIT in Boston. The dacadoo Health Score is based on several tens of million people-years of clinical data and therefore takes into account many of the known cardiovascular, quality of life questionnaires and health studies. The company is working with strategic partners in the insurance, mobile telecommunications, health, science, fitness / wellness and media sectors to make business and private customers healthier and happier. dacadoo ag has offices in Zurich, Switzerland and San Francisco, USA.

More information can be found on: www.dacadoo.com

Manuel Heuer, COO

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About dacadoo

Live healthy! Track and benchmark your health and fitness. Get your dacadoo Health Score, share activities with friends, win challenges!

dacadoo has developed an easy-to-use, wireless, secure and fun way to manage your personal health & fitness from a lifestyle, wellness and chronic disease perspective called the dacadoo health platform.

The platform calculates your personal dacadoo Health Score, a number from 1 (poor) to 1’000 (excellent). It is a directional relative indicator of your current health and fitness status in real-time. By integrating gaming and social networking principles, dacadoo motivates you to be active in an easy way by automatically tracking and comparing your personal health, fitness and lifestyle.

The dacadoo health platform enables the tracking of over 100 fitness activities (outdoor and indoor sports) either over the mobile dacadoo tracker app or via manual entry. The dacadoo energy models are based on MET (metabolic equivalent of Task)* which measures the intensity of a physical activity. *Compendium of Physical Activity, Stanford University