Seguros Bolívar in Colombia launches innovative wellbeing app in conjunction with insurtech dacadoo

Zurich/Bogota, 26 July 2022 - Colombian insurer Seguros Bolivar and Swiss insurtech dacadoo announce the launch of the "Super App" Bolivar Conmigo. The new platform will be available to Colombian residents during the month of July. Bolivar Conmigo will be a new generation "Super App" designed to give users complete access to all their key insurance needs and a revolutionary platform to manage their wellbeing.

Seguros Bolivar is committed to peace of mind and to improving the wellbeing and comprehensive health of Colombians. The Bolivar Conmigo app will be available free of charge to the general public. The new digital platform is the latest innovation that adds value to the company's great track record and experience in the insurance market. Bolivar Conmigo seeks to create a new, simple, everyday relationship between the insurer and consumers.

"We want to help all Colombians adopt good habits. That is why we created a space that integrates the user's health conditions (body), how they feel (mind) and how they live (habits) and consolidates it into a Health Score. We are committed to people living a healthier life. Every step counts. What is not measured, does not improve," said Alvaro Carrillo, president of Seguros Bolivar.

Bolivar Conmigo's wellness functionalities were designed by dacadoo, a global Insurtech company based in Zurich, Switzerland. dacadoo specializes in advancing the digital transformation of insurers through Health Risk Quantification and its Digital Health Engagement Platform. The company offers unique products to insurers that minimize underwriting risk while connecting and engaging with consumers.

The Bolivar Conmigo app will introduce a wellness platform using dacadoo's innovative technologies. The app, will feature automated digital health coaching, gamification elements to build engagement, and social media integration.

It will focus on dacadoo's award-winning Health Score, which provides users with real-time updates on the impact of their lifestyle choices on their overall health, quantifying holistic health in a single number from 0 (poor) to 1,000 (excellent). The Health Score generates instant information and education that users can apply to evaluate their lifestyles and choose healthier habits.

Peter Ohnemus, President and CEO of dacadoo, says: "We are very pleased to launch this new tool for users across Colombia. Seguros Bolivar is a leader in the 'Insurance as a Service' business paradigm. The functionality of the app will put a powerful tool in the hands of individuals who want to take control of their personal health. We are delighted that this alliance between Seguros Bolivar and dacadoo will bring a new level of democratization of wellness in Colombia."

"Our bet is to break the business paradigm: we insurers are not only there for people's bad moments but also to accompany them in unexpected situations. With our Bolivar Conmigo app, we want to be present in their daily lives, offering them new options for their comprehensive wellbeing," says Álvaro Carrillo, president of Seguros Bolívar.


In addition, the application has the quality of having the ecosystem of mobility and home integrated and thus provides a self-management channel to customers and non-customers from three concepts: immediacy, practicality and versatility, providing new options ranging from improving the overall welfare, as well as facilitating access to reliable solutions for situations that take away people's peace of mind such as: a change of tire or a water leak in the dishwasher.

In short, the Bolivar Conmigo application is a tool for the user to be and feel good in different aspects of life, by having solutions that will accompany them in their daily lives, in addition to having award-winning technology such as dacadoo’s that joins the objective of generating peace of mind and wellbeing.





About Seguros Bolívar

Seguros Bolívar is one of the most recognised insurance companies in the Colombian market, with a track record of more than 80 years, protecting families and businesses with solutions tailored to their needs. The company offers a broad portfolio of services. Its warmth in the delivery of products and the peace of mind they generate are its hallmark. The company has more than 4,700 employees, more than 4 million customers and is present in more than 20 cities nationwide.

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About dacadoo

dacadoo, named a 2021 “Cool Vendor in Insurance” by Gartner, and Leader in Risk 2022 by CB Insights, licenses its Digital Health Engagement Platform, including its Health Score and Risk Engine to Life & Health insurance operators (B2B), supplying Insurtech and health-tech solutions to over 35 of the top 100 Life & Health insurance operators globally. Available in over 18 languages, dacadoo’s technology is provided as a fully branded, white label solution or it can be integrated into customers’ products through its API. Through its ‘Connect, Score, Engage’ offering, dacadoo supports Life & Health operators to motivate their clients to lead healthier lifestyles through its SaaS-based Digital Health Engagement Platform. dacadoo also provides its Risk Engine, which calculates relative risk on mortality and morbidity in real-time. dacadoo has over 120 employees across locations in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific and over 100 filed patents around their digital Life & Health solutions. dacadoo is entirely committed to privacy and security, hence why it designs and operates its solutions in line with industry standards, laws and regulations such as the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection, GDPR, and HIPAA. Its Information Security and Privacy Management System is certified according to world-renowned ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 standards.

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About dacadoo

dacadoo is a Swiss technology company that develops technology solutions for digital health engagement and health risk quantification. Our Enterprise SaaS based digital health engagement platform (DHEP) is a mobile-first solution that leverages behavioural science, AI, and gamification to help end users improve their health and wellbeing, while helping clients from various industry segments improve customer engagement and loyalty through personalization. This platform is available in over 18 languages and can be licensed as a white label offering or through APIs to develop /enhance customer solutions. Our award-winning Health Score and Risk Engine are also available for license through APIs. dacadoo’s 85 global employees are committed to making the world a healthier place. We strongly value security and privacy, with an information Security and Privacy Management System certified to ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 standards.