August 10th, 2021

The ‘Digital Health Engagement Institute’ Announced Today In Switzerland With Focus On Improving Poor Lifestyle Choices

(Zurich, Switzerland, 10 August 2021) – The Digital Health Engagement Institute (DHEI), is a non-profit, independent foundation set to be the leading research institute for digital health engagement tools and digital health benchmarking. Professors and leading experts from around the world have gathered to help make a dent preventing Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) through lifestyle navigators and wellbeing apps. 

The Swiss based DHEI has assembled professors and experts in the fields of gamification, behavioral science, big data, and healthcare data handling from different continents with the aim of making digital health engagement a widespread tool for the benefit of consumers and businesses globally. A key area of focus is set around a widespread issue: how to motivate both healthy and at-risk populations to take ownership and be proactive about their holistic health outcomes. 

NCDs – The Silent Epidemic 

According to the World Health Organization, NCDs currently account for 41 million deaths yearly around the globe, which is equivalent to 71% of all deaths globally. With NCDs on the rise, the DHEI aims to help tackle this problem through digital health tools – such as digital health engagement platforms, wellbeing apps or lifestyle navigators—that should be readily available for consumers around the world. The institute will also investigate deeply into new engagement approaches, to keep users involved with their health long-term. 

“In my opinion, the most pressing issues to humanity right now are global warming and NCD prevalence, hence why we felt the need to create the DHEI. Through the institute, we aim to focus on prevention rather than treatment, since NCDs are largely derived from modifiable lifestyle choices, such as harmful alcohol or nicotine intake, lack of physical activity and an unhealthy diet.” States Peter Ohnemus, Founder and Chair of the DHEI. 

The DHEI Vision and Mission 

The DHEI’s vision is to be an established institution of excellence in research among the fields of digital health engagement technologies and wellbeing platforms. Whereas the DHEI’s mission is to seek crucial knowledge about how digital health engagement can benefit consumers’ health around the globe. 

As Peter Ohnemus, Founder and Chair, DHEI explains, “We strive for a world where everybody has access to better health outcomes through digital health engagement platforms. We want to empower everybody to achieve their full health potential.” 

Integrity, Excellence and Measurable Outcomes 

Part of what makes the DHEI so unique is that it is set to work towards completely academic and board-approved outcomes for all their research projects. It is a non-profit organization whose core values are centered around honesty and integrity, excellence in its research, and tangible, measurable outcomes that the average consumer can understand. 

The DHEI will, over time, welcome other organizations to join and sponsor independent health engagement research around the globe.


About the DHEI

The DHEI was founded on June 30, 2021, in Zurich, Switzerland, with the aim of making digital health engagement a widespread tool for the benefit of consumers all around the globe. It gathers professors and experts in the fields of gamification, behavioral science, big data, and healthcare data handling from universities around the globe. Peter Ohnemus, Founder and Chair of the DHEI is also the president of dacadoo, a renowned Swiss Insurtech and Healthtech company that specializes in Digital Health Engagement and Health Risk Quantification solutions for life and health insurers. 

For press/media enquiries please email media@dhe.insititute 

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