Mai 29th, 2018

The Swiss digital health company dacadoo completes its B-round capital increase

Zurich, Switzerland – The Swiss digital health platform company dacadoo completes a B-round capital increase to fund its global growth strategy for the next two years.

dacadoo develops and operates its comprehensive digital Health Engagement Platform to motivate users to achieve and maintain healthy lifestyle habits. The digital user journey is optimized to engage clients of Health Insurers, Life Insurers and vendors of Corporate Health programs, and it is delivered through mobile apps (iPhone & Android) and a web app built in responsive design. It combines motivational techniques derived from behavioral science, with functions from online gaming and social networks that involve users in their holistic health – Body, Mind and Lifestyle. By combining the patented dacadoo Health Score with personalized health coaching by the rule- and AI-based automated coach, dacadoo customers can achieve high levels of long-term user engagement and produce positive outcomes. The white-label option provides customers with full branding and content customization.


Over the years, dacadoo has developed a broad range of functionalities and services that provide a platform that engages users in holistic health and wellbeing. In addition to dacadoo’s comprehensive platform and apps, the backend functionality can be integrated into customers’ own portals and apps via dacadoo’s RESTful API (OAuth 2.0) to allow health and life insurance customers as well as vendors of corporate health programs or other healthtech companies to create user journeys and client-facing applications tailored specifically for their needs, and based on dacadoo’s technology.


The company announced today that it completed its B-round capital increase by adding an external private investor from Belgium to its group of shareholders, to fund its international growth strategy for the next two years. The new shareholder will join the dacadoo Board of Directors.


Peter Ohnemus, founder and CEO of dacadoo, commented: "We are very proud and happy to conclude our funding round with such a prestigious private investor as shareholder and board member of dacadoo, and we look very much forward to bring our company to the next global growth level”.

About dacadoo

dacadoo is a global technology company and innovative business partner that is driving the digital transformation in healthcare. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, dacadoo develops and operates a mobile-first digital health engagement platform that helps people live healthier, more active lives through a combination of motivational techniques from behavioral science, online gaming and social networks, as well as artificial intelligence and automated coaching. Based on over 300 million person-years of clinical data, its patented, real-time Health Score makes health individually measurable, which provides users with a unique engagement experience, while also offering dacadoo’s enterprise customers an effective way to measure the true health impact of wellness programs. Available in over 13 languages, dacadoo’s technology is provided as a fully branded, white-label solution or it can be integrated into customer products through its API.


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"We are very proud and happy to conclude our funding round with such a prestigious private investor as shareholder and board member of dacadoo, and we look very much forward to bring our company to the next global growth level”.

Peter Ohnemus, founder and CEO of dacadoo



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About dacadoo

dacadoo is a Swiss technology company that develops technology solutions for digital health engagement and health risk quantification. Our Enterprise SaaS based digital health engagement platform (DHEP) is a mobile-first solution that leverages behavioural science, AI, and gamification to help end users improve their health and wellbeing, while helping clients from various industry segments improve customer engagement and loyalty through personalization. This platform is available in over 18 languages and can be licensed as a white label offering or through APIs to develop /enhance customer solutions. Our award-winning Health Score and Risk Engine are also available for license through APIs. dacadoo’s 85 global employees are committed to making the world a healthier place. We strongly value security and privacy, with an information Security and Privacy Management System certified to ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 standards.