dacadoo announces collaboration with Media Production Group in Romania

dacadoo, an innovator in digital health technology and health scoring, announced today that it has signed a cooperation agreement with Media Production Group SRL (“MPG”) for the digital corporate wellness business in Romania.

dacadoo, an innovator in digital health technology and health scoring, announced today that it has signed a cooperation agreement with Media Production Group SRL (“MPG”) for the digital corporate wellness business in Romania.

The Swiss company dacadoo ag develops and operates a digital, mobile health engagement solution including the world-wide patented Health Score to enable people to actively manage their health in an easy and fun way. The company applies motivational techniques from online games, collaborative features from social networks and personalized feedback to engage people to remain active.

dacadoo announced today that it has signed a cooperation agreement for the leading vendor for corporate wellness solutions in Romania, Media Production Group, which will include dacadoo’s digital corporate health platform in their product portfolio.

Peter Ohnemus, founder and CEO of dacadoo commented: “While the market for digital corporate health solutions in Romania is still relatively small, the country has a high smartphone adoption level among the working population in large cities and the potential for growth is there. It is important to work with the right partner and we are therefore very happy to collaborate with MPG who is the leading provider of corporate health events and products in Romania”.

Mr. Catalin Stefan Mocuta, President of Media Production Group, added: “We are very happy to start this cooperation with dacadoo. I am confident that dacadoo’s mobile health engagement solution will be very appreciated by our sports community of amateur athletes, helping them to improve their lifestyle and increase their Health Score. It is an important step in our long-term plan to develop and extend our services addressed to our sport community members”.

Media Production Group will set up a step-by-step program to implement the dacadoo solution in all its national sport projects, which currently involve a community of more than 80,000 amateur athletes, with a total cumulative audience in excess of 2 million persons.

About MPG - Media Production Group

With 20 years’ experience on the market, MPG is the largest independent vendor an organizer of recreational sport events in Romania. MPG successfully brought together the largest community of amateur athletes, currently enlisting more than 80,000 members. The company has designed and implemented unique concepts of multi-sport competition systems, using complex IT communication platforms. MPG coordinates 5 Sport & Entertainment projects, offering participants unique and memorable “Sportainment” experiences: Riders Club (www.ridersclub.ro) mountain bike competitions; RUNFEST (www.runfest.ro) running events, from city to trail runs; Tenis Partener (www.tenispartener.ro) 400+ tennis tournaments; Tenis10 (www.tenis10.ro) 200+ tennis tournaments for children up to 10; Romanian Corporate Sports (www.corporatesports.ro) championships for company teams.

Press contact:
Elena Vavilov, PR Manager MPG
Phone: +4031 805 4042
E-mail: elena.vavilov@mpg.com.ro; media@mpg.com.ro
Web: www.mpg.com.ro
Videos: RUNFEST – Bucharest FOX TRAIL Half Marathon, Riders Club – La Broaste (At Frogs)

About dacadoo

The dacadoo mobile health engagement solution enables individuals to track, manage and benchmark their health and wellbeing in an easy and fun way on their smartphones. dacadoo calculates a personal Health Score, a scientifically calculated number from 1 (low) to 1,000 (high). The Health Score works as an indicator and moves up or down in real-time, depending on how body values, emotional wellbeing and activities (exercise, nutrition, stress and sleep) change. To help individuals remain engaged, motivation techniques from behavioral science and online games, social and collaborative features from social networks, and personalized feedback are applied. The award-winning company is working with strategic partners from the various key industry segments to bring this solution to the global mobile health market. dacadoo has its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.

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Press contact:
Manuel Heuer, COO dacadoo ag
Tel.: +41 44 251 23 23,
Email: manuel.heuer@dacadoo.com

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    Manuel Heuer

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About dacadoo

Live healthy! Track and benchmark your health and fitness. Get your dacadoo Health Score, share activities with friends, win challenges!

dacadoo has developed an easy-to-use, wireless, secure and fun way to manage your personal health & fitness from a lifestyle, wellness and chronic disease perspective called the dacadoo health platform.

The platform calculates your personal dacadoo Health Score, a number from 1 (poor) to 1’000 (excellent). It is a directional relative indicator of your current health and fitness status in real-time. By integrating gaming and social networking principles, dacadoo motivates you to be active in an easy way by automatically tracking and comparing your personal health, fitness and lifestyle.

The dacadoo health platform enables the tracking of over 100 fitness activities (outdoor and indoor sports) either over the mobile dacadoo tracker app or via manual entry. The dacadoo energy models are based on MET (metabolic equivalent of Task)* which measures the intensity of a physical activity. *Compendium of Physical Activity, Stanford University